NutzerWelten (literally user worlds) is an interdisciplinary research program at University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf established in January 2014. Its goal is User-Centered Design of technology-enhanced environments for people with dementia.

Many research endeavors in the area of ambient assisted living follow a technology push and neglect the impact of solutions on the quality of life of the users. Especially people with dementia are rarely involved in the design and evaluation of new technical-spatial solutions.

To engage people with dementia as co-designers of technical solutions means to acknowledge their competencies and resources and involve them carefully and with dignity in different steps in the design process. This means not only looking at the disease dementia, but also seeing the person behind it to integrate the person into the development while accounting for their individuality, personality  and biography and allow the person to maintain am independent way of living.

This is only possible in an interdisciplinary team. The expert team comprising colleagues from the faculties Media, Social- and Cultural Sciences, Design and Electrical Engineering are looking forward to the upcoming challenges in this area. The team is supported through a committee of partners from academia and practice.

The research program is financed by the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Research North Rhine Westphalia as part of the program  »FH-STRUKTUR«.

Hochschule Düsseldorf Ministerium für Innovation, Wissenschaft und Forschung des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen